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The COM Impact on Automation

The COM Impact on Automation

Aside from motors and actuators, in the world of automation technology nearly everything exists in a box. Inside these boxes are the printed circuit boards (PCBs) that enable all the efficiencies and possibilities of modern manufacturing. Because these boards lie hidden inside boxes, we rarely think about them. But over the past decade, a significant revolution has occurred that has not only impacted system customization possibilities from an OEM point of view, but all the application possibilities you can imagine.

Largely behind the scenes, a major change has taken place in embedded systems technology over the past 10 years that is affecting not only OEM system customization, but even in-the-field upgrades by end users.

Exhibition shows world of automation today and tomorrow

SPS IPC Drives takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from 24 to 26 November 2015. The signs for a very successful exhibition are anew excellent. More than 1,600 exhibitors from Germany and abroad, including all key players of the industry, present products and solutions as well as pioneering technologies for the future to the international expert visitors.

Institution launches fund to help bridge ‘valley of death’ between research and bringing products to market

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ £2mn Stephenson Fund to invest in innovative companies working in the field of mechanical engineering

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is launching a new fund, Stephenson LP, aimed at helping companies overcome the investment hurdle between Research and Development and bringing a product to market.

Snap to it – one month left to enter national photography competition

Keen photographers are being urged to snap to it as there is just one month left to get entries in for a prestigious national photography competition.


RS Components boosts WIKA portfolio to over 500 pressure and temperature measurement solutions

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, has dramatically extended its portfolio of high-quality pressure and temperature monitoring solutions by WIKA, a world leader in measuring instruments, to deliver the advantages of easy online ordering and overnight shipping to an even wider range of customers.


THOUSANDS of UK workers could be suffering from breathing and respiratory issues without realising that a huge range of everyday workplace substances, that are common across most industries, could be the cause according to a warning from workplace equipment supplier Slingsby.

Changing the Way Things are Made

Changing the Way Things are Made

We often discuss the impact of the Millennial generation on manufacturing in terms of skillsets and workforce development. But this group will also play a significant role in shaping the future of manufacturing based on their buying patterns. Customer demands are changing dramatically from the Baby Boomers—who were brand loyal and cost-conscious—to the Millennials, who want meaningful personalized products that are made in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way.

As manufacturers cater to new customer demands and adopt flexible production processes, Product Lifecycle Management will take on a bigger role.

Cat Pumps introduces energy efficiency cleaning system

Reducing energy and water costs in hygienic cleaning

The food and drink manufacturing industries are large users of power and water and their associated costs impact on production and finished product costs.

Electro Rent Europe Announces Appointment of Key Personnel to New UK Office

Two industry experts heading up Electro Rent UK office will deliver localized service

Electro Rent Europe, a subsidiary of Electro Rent, one of the world’s largest providers of rental test equipment to numerous end-markets, announces the appointment of two industry experts to key positions within its new UK office.

90% of firms face a standing start on gender pay gap reporting

The Government is currently consulting on imminent new gender pay gap reporting requirements. But, a new survey out today shows that less than one in ten firms (9%) currently report any gender pay information and providing data is going to be a significant challenge:

·     83% of firms are aware of Government proposals on gender pay gap reporting, but less than one in ten (7%) are up-to-speed in their understanding

·     Less than three in ten companies (29%) are prepared for the forthcoming requirements and 30% are concerned about the amount of work required to provide the data

·     Challenges: only a third of firms (33%) have undertaken a pay audit in the last 5 years – 27% have never undertaken one while 45% of firms don’t have an official pay scale

·     Opportunity: 47% see gender pay reporting as an opportunity to benchmark against peers and other industries – 38% say that it will help them get to grips with their pay structures and auditing

·     Context, support and a phased roll-out will be key to minimising challenges and maximising opportunities, says EEF.